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Audition Guidelines

Record a quick 30 second video w a smartphone (with a good quality camera)

  • Free of noise and physical distraction

  • Center your face in the frame of the video

  • Recommendation: Have a appealing background

01 Record a Video

  • Hey, my name is "Sam Jones"

  • Today is May 10th 2024, and the time is 3:00pm

  • My Bigo ID is "magical goddess" and I am auditioning for "Members Only Agency"

  • My content as a host will be "dancing and cooking"

  • Content examples: 

    • Comedy​

    • Celebrity News

    • Music or DJing

    • Podcast

    • Fashion/GRWM

    • Cooking/Mukbang

    • Tech/Ai, Finance/Education

    • And more.....

02 What to say...

Please submit your video to the WhatsApp number




Please allow up to 72 hrs for an approval from Bigo

03  Submit Video

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